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You don’t need to have sensitive nipples to be a touchy feely guy in real life.The worst part of being a touchy and fidgety guy is that most guys don’t know they’re that guy! Do you play with your hair, your pen, or start tapping your foot or drumming the table now and then while bobbing your head like a giraffe when you’re bored? Don’t ever be touchy feely when you’re on a date, it can be annoying and at times, even creepy! You should be man enough to apologize or accept that you’re wrong.If you see her eyes light up and her gestures getting animated, you’ve hit the conversation jackpot, baby!

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#4 The foot in the mouth Now this isn’t a bad thing, but we’ve all experienced it. You’re kissing a girl, and all of a sudden, you stop and tell her you need to pee.

You touch a girl on a date and excitedly tell her how happy you are to touch her.

You’re having an affair with a girl, and you ask her if she feels weird about kissing someone other than her boyfriend. This is not always your fault, but nevertheless, it’s still a huge turn off for women.

They make idiotic statements and love talking about their own glorious deeds or misdeeds.

Do you incessantly talk about how well you played a game or how many cars you own?

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