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Aired 7-8p ET • Death Toll Rises to 8 At Florida Nursing Home; Couple Watched Belongings Wash Away During Irma; Crews Going Door-To-Door Amid Destruction In Hard Hit Florida Keys; Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Agree: Blame Comey • FEMA: 90% of Florida Keys Homes Destroyed or Damaged; Death Toll Rises In Florida; Millions Without Power; Florida Resident Returns To House "Buried Like A Jungle"; North Korea "Condemns in the Strongest Terms" New Sanctions.

Aired 7-8p ET • Tallahassee Issue Storm Surge Warning; 6.5 Million Without Power in FLA, Could Be Out For Weeks; Irma Leaves Path Of Destruction Through Marco Island; Record Storm Surge Flooding Jacksonville, Florida; Hurricane Irma Tears Roads, Homes Apart Across Florida; 10,000 May Need To Be Evacuated From Florida Keys; Desperate Search For Missing Family Members In Florida Keys; Americans Trapped On Caribbean Island As Food, Water Run Low • New Forecast: Hurricane Irma To Slam Florida As A Category 5; Window To Evacuate Is Closing As "Catastrophic" Storm Nears; Officials: Don't Call 911 During Storm, Can't Rescue You.

Aired 7-8pm ET • Trump Falsely Claims He's "Signed More Legislation Than Anybody"; Truck Blocks CNN Cameras From Capturing Trump On Golf Course; Flynn's Brother Makes Pardon Request To President Trump. Aired 7-8p ET • GOP Intensifies Attacks To Undermine Russia Investigation; FBI Official Backs Up Comey's Claim That Trump Asked For Loyalty; 128 Countries Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Brennan Calls Trump "Narcissistic, Vengeful" After U. Criticized For Floating Government Conspiracy Against Trump.

Aired 7-8pm ET • Trump Slams "Tainted" FBI, "Bogus" Russia Dossier; Trump: Dems and Republicans Will Come Together On Health Care; Trump Aiming For Bipartisanship On Taxes, Health Infrastructure But Will Dems Work With Him? Aired 7-8pm ET • Awaiting Senate Vote On Tax Bill, House Must Re-vote; W.

Aired 7-8p ET • GOP Tax Bill Facing Unexpected Problems Hours Before Vote; Source: White House Wanted Public Shaming Of Tillerson; Calls Grow For Conyers To Resign Over Sexual Harassment Claims; Interview with Eric Swalwell. Aired on 7-8p ET • Senate Tax Bill Clears Hurdle, Challenges Remain; Interview with Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana; Libyan State Media Cites Trump to Discredit CNN Story; Trump Goes After Roy Moore's Opponent; North Korea's Latest Missile Launch Potentially Puts Washington, D. In Range; Trump Surrounded By Empty Chairs Slams Dems For Ditching Him; Judge Rules Trump's Pick Should Lead Consumer Watchdog Agency. Warren Pocahontas as He Honors Native Americans Navajo Nation Responds Saying Prejudice Exists; Showdown Over Top Post at Consumer Watchdog Agency; NYT: Trump Questions Authenticity of Access Hollywood Tape; NYT: Trump Questions Authenticity of "Access Hollywood" Tape; Roy Moore Holding Rally in Alabama; Speculation Grows that Flynn May Be Cooperating with Mueller.

Aired 7-8p ET • Sheriff: Shooter Fired at "Successive Rate" for 9 Minutes; Sheriff: Gunman Used Cameras to Monitor Police Movements; Sheriff: Gunman's Girlfriend is Now a Person of Interest; Official: Las Vegas Gunman Wired 0,000 to the Philippines, Sheriff Says Gunman's Girlfriend is There.

Aired 7-8p ET • Source: Bannon Won't Let Mc Connell "Off the Hook" On Moore; U. Troops Preparing for Unrest Over Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Trump Tax Plan Fails to Close Loophole for Super Rich.

Aired on 7-8p ET • Source: Trump Knew Flynn Misled FBI, Lied To Pence When He Urged Comey To Drop Probe; New Questions For Flynn's Deputy K. Mc Farland; Prosecutors Want Manafort Bail Deal Pulled After Contact With Russian With Ties To Russian Intelligence. Source: Trump Thought He Would Have Done Better In Polls Had He Continued Obama Birther Conspiracy; Roger Stone's Wiki Leaks Contact Revealed; Source: W. Officials Heard Trump Questioning Authenticity Of Access Hollywood Tape, The Same Tape He Apologized For; Reports: More Women Accuse Matt Lauer Of Sexual Harassment; Trump: GOP Tax Plan "Going to Cost Me a Fortune".

Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Admin Official: Puerto Rico Response A "Good News Story"; Pentagon Taps General To Lead Puerto Rico Response; Defense Dept.: 160 Million Meals Will Be Needed For Puerto Rico; FEMA: Nearly 1 Million Meals Distributed So Far In Puerto Rico; Half Of Puerto Rico Without Water, 97 Percent Without Electricity; Famous Chef Lends A Hand In Puerto Rico.

Aired 7-8p ET • CNN Exclusive: IRS Shares Info With Special Counsel In Russia Probe; New Details About Russian-Linked Facebook Ads; Trump Blames Slow Disaster Response On Puerto Rico Being "In The Middle Of The Ocean"; White House Scrambles To Show Trump Is Concerned About Puerto Rico. Officials Kim Jong-un Preparing Next Missile Test; Trump Calls Kim A "Madman" After Kim Calls Him "Deranged"; New GOP Health Care Bill One Vote Away From Falling; Pence: A Vote Against GOP Bill Is A Vote To Save Obama Care; Twitter To Meet With Senate Intel Committee On Russia Probe.

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