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The Assamese mekhala chadar, as we have said, is a traditional attire of a woman of Assam.It mainly consists of Muga or the golden silk fibre.Manufacturing of traditional Assamese Silver and gold Jewellery dates back to several centuries.It is handcrafted with great attention to details imparting a fine lustrous looks. A fitted blouse is often worn, though in the past another garment called a riha was worn.

The chadar is worn in a criss-cross pleated-form, down the front side.If you do not know how to wear a mekhala chadar, get some mekhala chador dressing tips here.Mekhala chadar is a traditional Assamese attire for women, usually made from silk.The distinction lies between the fact that Mekhala chadar is composed of two main pieces of cloth that are drapped around the body, whereas a sari is a single piece of cloth.The bottom portion of the mekhala chadar is drapped from the waist downwards and upper or top portion of a long length which has one end tucked into the upper portion of the Mekhala and rest is draped around the body.

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